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Creating Bullet Journals Around the World

Getting Started

What is Bullet Journaling?

This is the very first question to begin with and an important one. Bullet Journaling is a way to plan your life but it is fluid what i mean by that is you have the power to create your own structure and what you want to make out of it so its personalized to you and your personal bias.

Making your First Bullet Journal!

If you are starting your first Bullet Journal you only need 3 simple things, 1.A journal 2.Pen 3.Ruler. Those are the main basic materials you need so as you can see making one is not so expensive and anyone can do it no doubt.

Your Must Have!

You may want to rush into things and that perfectly fine but you may want to think about these option to include before you rush into things.

Saving a few pages in the front of your journal will save you the extra time in trying to find an important page and keeps everything documented and organized.

A Key can be used to write down symbols and to color-code notes in order to easily organize your notes/ideas.

See Tips and Hacks below for more

5 Tip & Hacks for your Bullet Journal

5.Envelope Slot

Envelope Slot- An Easy Solution for those Loose Papers in your Bullet Journal

First you'll want to cut out a square piece of CardStock its also a great time to design it
Next Youll need to Glue the sides of the cardstock except one side (which will be where you put papers in) Onto a Page In your Bullet Journal. I suggest the first pages or the back
Then Youll have your Easy cute folder but if you want to hack to an easier step just glue on an envelope, Easy!

4.Washy Tape Page Markers

Washy Tape Page Markers-An Easy Way to make Pages stand out

In order to make a page marker you'll need to add a strip of washy tape on the corner of your page *shown in the picture above* you want to stand out you can also do this by adding washytape along the edge of the page but by doing this you can easily make your own washy tape page marker in one step!

3.Cover Up Hack

Cover Up Hack-An easy way to cover up ink bleeds and other mistakes

Its such a hasle when ink bleeds on the other side of the page in your Bullet Journal or any type of silly mistake. In order to hide these mistakes you can easily cover it by glueing on an image onto the page. Say goodbye to wasting a page from your journal ever!

2.Flip Notes

Flip Notes- Helpful flip note to pull out while youre working on other pages

While your working on a page in your Bullet Journal you may find your self flipping to one page to another this is a hassle so an easier way to fix this problem is creating the flip notes. You create this by glueing a sheet of paper on the back of your Bullet journal that extends to the side. With this a suggestion is to put a key/legend or any notes which you refer to the most.

1.Black Ink

Black Ink- An easy quick fix up for those small errors

In order to use this hack you'll need a normal black pen and also a white gel penYou can easily buy one for a dollar on the internet. All you really need to do is block out the mistake with the black pen and then write over it. This is an easy hack and gives your Bullet Journal a nice Vintage theme